10 Things Not To Do This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is already in full gear. The grills are burning and backyards are full. If you decide to partake in the fun this weekend, we’ve listed 10 things not to do that are sure to make someone in your company mad. Check out the 10 tips below:

1.Don’t take home more than one plate.

While we understand that barbecue can be exceptionally good this holiday weekend, it doesn’t mean that you should take a doggy bag for ‘Boo-Boo’, ‘Keke’, and ‘them’. If you do decide to continue the post grub, try to limit yourself to one take home plate or over indulge if the hostess permits.

2. Don’t contribute struggle potato salad.

There are a few things that should never be done at a family barbecue and one of those things is bad potato salad. For decades, potato salad had been a staple at barbecues and as so, it takes a professional to master it. With that said, only volunteer to make the potato salad if you know how to prepare it because no one has time for undercooked or mushy potatoes.

3. Don’t come empty handed.

Like with any event if you plan to dine or drink ,then it’s probably proper etiquette that you bring something to contribute. Whether it’s meat, side dishes, or drinks, anything that helps fill the stomach is great. Please note that condiments are not acceptable side dishes  and neither is ice.

4. Don’t be the grillmaster without proper experience.

Hopefully when you apply to a job, you have the experience to match it. The same goes to the brave soul who volunteers to operate the grill. In this role, there is so much at stake as meat typically comprises the whole essence of a barbecue. It takes a talented individual to grill food without it tasting like lighter fluid or burning. With so much on the line, only be the grill master if you have the proper training.

5. Don’t discuss religion or politics.

Barbecues are family events and controversial topics like religion and politics just don’t belong. They tend to end up in heated debates and sometimes passionate people find themselves getting physical. If you want to keep the peace and the vibes going all weekend, opt for more friendly discussions like old memories and future plans.

6. Don’t have a dirty house.

Having a clean house should be a rule for everyday life. A clean domicile is critical when cooking and eating food. No matter the day, a guest should always feel comfortable when spending time at your house. No one wants to eat or sit if they witnessed a baby roach scatter across your floor.

7.  Don’t drink stupidly

People for ages have enjoyed the phrase “drink and be merry.” While the drinks may be on surplus this holiday weekend, know your limit. No one wants to babysit a drunk person. Lastly, don’t drink and drive. If you find yourself overly intoxicated, look into Uber and Lyft for a ride home.

8. Don’t bring food already opened.

It’s taboo to bring food that’s already been opened or half eaten. Case in point, don’t decide to bring half of a cake already sliced up. People will probably assume that it isn’t fresh or that you didn’t provide your best effort at contributing. 

9. Don’t waste food.

We’re sure that food would be in over abundance too at whatever cookout you decide to participate in, just make sure not to over pile your plate. No one likes watching excessive food going in the trashcan. Remember someone worked hard to prepare the food and spent money so that you could enjoy yourself. Consequently, be mindful of how you waste.

10. Don’t not have fun. 

It’s the weekend and a special time to enjoy your family and friends. Don’t forget to have fun with those you love!

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