Love and RealiTea Advice: I Want My Girl


Aye yo Celebritea,

I need some advice about my girl! I love her, shorty been down since high school. I haven’t always been faithful but I always come back for her cause she’s my day 1. We’ve been together for 5 years off and on, she has my son and that means the world to me. I haven’t been the role model partner but I’m ready to make her mine for life. The thing is I’m ready to settle down but she isn’t. I have the ring and everything, I just haven’t asked the big question cause I don’t wanna hear no. I talk to her about us being together and she says I “waited to long to see what I had and now she wants to have her fun”. I mean I get what she’s saying but I’m not tryna wife a Ho. How do I get her to see that the best thing for us and our son is to just come home to papa?

Dear “Papa”,

The grass wasn’t so green on the other side was it? For most women, if they see that you are making an effort to change for the better and be a one woman man then they will respond to that. If you truly want your family together then step up. However the same way “you don’t want to wife a Ho” she probably doesn’t either! Either become the man that she and your son deserve or learn from your mistakes.

With love


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