2 Women & 1 Man File Lawsuit Against Usher For Alleged STD Exposure

The Usher STD scandal unfortunately continues. Two additional women and a man are planning to file a lawsuit against the R&B singer on the claims that he exposed them to Herpes, per a TMZ report.

Three new alleged victims claim to have had sexual contact with the singer post 2012. They also report that the ‘Burn’ singer failed to inform them of his STD.

One of Hollywood’s biggest celeb attorney is representing them. The one and only, Lisa Bloom, states that the suit will be filed Monday in California alongside a press conference held in NYC.

In light of the sensitive topic, only one of
the female accusers will reportedly attend the conference. The remaining accusers, one woman and one man, will be made anonymous throughout the course of the suit as John and Jane Doe.

Geez. This story won’t go away. We hope Usher’s brand pulls through this never-ending trainwreck.


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