2 Women With Shawty Lo During Fatal Car Crash Took Money Out of His Pockets

New details are have emerged about the untimely death of rapper, Shawty Lo. Not only did he smell of alcoholย and had painkillers on him when he died, but the two women who were with him in the car during the accident, took money out of his pockets after he was dead and left only $16,ย TMZ reports.

The thieves in question allegedly asked a cop ย if they could take some cash out of Shawty Lo’s pockets, and the cop allegedly let them do it.ย 

What type of person are you to take from a dead person? Smh. These ladies are bound to have some crazy karma come back around their way soon.

48 thoughts on “2 Women With Shawty Lo During Fatal Car Crash Took Money Out of His Pockets

  1. I hope the police didn’t say or let the 2 women’s do that the only person that should have that money is his family and kids it going to come back to them that they took a die man money

  2. Them bitches petty ass fuck an that cop just ass pettyer for letting them take from a dead man like Wat type of people are they I hope they get Wats cumin to them all three of the bitches

    1. How u know it wasn’t owed to them?she could have been sucking him off before he crashed.thry don’t get paid cause he died?thats not their fault. If u wasn’t there stop judging or making assumptions..

  3. It was his time u guys can make all the excuses u want to most of the stars now days praise money then god if u guys notice the rich is dieing off and poor living. His time was up god called him home guys everyone better start getting it right u cant take no money with u so why they praise money and not give god the glory he the only one should be praise. May his family continue to look to the lord amen.

    1. Thats still disrespectful to take the money off him like that he still deserves that if he dead and he has eleven kids who he took care of and that probably could of helped out a little.

    2. Brother whoever you are after listening to the comments your the only ones make sense people don’t think before they respond because they’re in feelings
      Thank you brother for that real comment

  4. Somebody lying. After any accident or incident and police is involved they want let anyone take any thing from anywhere. That’s called tampering evidence.

  5. They probably were hoes and if he didn’t die wouldve had to been paid anyway. I wouldn’t have done it but I don’t knock them and he shouldve definitely not been drinking and driving he could’ve killed someone else too. Smh. Sad situation all around.

  6. When they said it was 2 females with him that was my first thought them broke hoes might have caused the crash and took his money these hoes out here thirsty oh begging ass bitches karma gone be so player for they ass they just don’t know R.I.P Lo

    1. Right that’s what I said.. them Bitches might’ve hit his ass upside the head.. I knw he got ejected from the car but damn.. what he hit his head on that hard?? Blunt force alright… god gone get them bitches

  7. When they said it was 2 females with him that was my first thought them broke hoes might have caused the crash and took his money these hoes out here thirsty oh begging ass bitches R.I.P Lo

  8. The family need to have them locked up that’s tampering with evidence did no one suppose to touch him Butt the police or crime scene

  9. Wasn’t he ejected from the car and they were rushed to the hospital? So how were they able to take money from his pockets and the police officer let them do it? Wasn’t there police tape and a csi unit? That
    Just doesn’t sound right.

  10. I don’t believe anything in this story! If there was one thing to believe it would be two bitches stealing! And no cop authorized such actions I guarantee it.

    1. Yep this is a crime seen. AND the police is involved in this to, too let somebodies take money out of a dead person pockets are where ever. Yes karma is bound to shut these two women down. And the cop they, he she involved in this also. Something is not adding up to this story. RIP

  11. I truly believe that he crashed being robbed. I’m pretty sure that that particular night wasn’t his first night popping pain pills and drinking heavy. He probably was a vet at that. So nobody is going to sit here and make me believe that he was just scooped intoxicated that he crashed that night.๐Ÿ˜ But the real part about it is when you live that kind of lifestyle and you dealing with hoes, you WILL get burned….in one way or the other. RIP Carlos.

  12. Shawty Lo was an example of what NOT to do in life. He was a drug dealer who tore down neighborhoods by serving up the no good drugs. He had babies all over the city and poor money management. He was an ignorant project ninja who should have probably been home with one of his many children on a week night helping them with their homework to model good behavior. Instead he was at a strip club trying to make himself feel better instead of properly mourning his father’s passing earlier in the week. He was no king. We all have to die. None of us know the day or hour. Death is never pretty. It’s always ugly.

  13. Everybody always worried about the man\lady worry about yourself .and if that was what would u have done gave it to his kids ???????I think not the police or hospital was gonna take some anyway and they was gonna get it before the end of the night anyways

  14. They probably was already trying to take money out of his pocket that’s how he wrecked ijs something about this story is not adding up was them girls trying to rob him

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