21 Savage Not Here For Fans Calling Him Gay After Riding On Meek Mill’s Bike

It seems social media has forgetten ATL native rapper 21 Savage is a real savage in real life. This week, 21 Savage was spotted riding on a bike joining MMG rapper Meek Mill. Spectators took to social media calling 21 Savage gay and discredited his thug life persona.  

So check this out, 21 posted a video on his snapchat of him riding the same ATV as Meek Mill. He reminded fans that he will put them paws on you if necessary.

“These b**** a**motherf****** always gotta comment, and throw their two cents in on s*** man. I’ll slap the f*** out one of y’all in real life. Everything a motherf**** say ‘Oh he ain’t no real savage, he ain’t no street n****, he on the four wheeler, he gay.’ Don’t get the s*** twisted, cause a n****rap you think he a b****. In real life I probably spit on y’all b**** a** n*****…I rap how I wanna rap, I say what I wanna say. If you don’t like it, n****, delete it, don’t listen to it. Get off my d*** b****.”

If you were unaware, 21 Savage released a new video for “No Heart” featuring Metro Boomin on their joint mixtape, Savage Mode. Just a reminder, one of his verses from “No Heart” reads, “21 Savage not Boyz N The Hood but I pull up on you, shoot your a** in the back.” If you honor your life don’t come for 21 Savage.

Major Key: Don’t get hung up on social media, live your life, and mind your business.

Check out the video below:

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