3-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Daycare Van After Being Left in Van For 11 Hours

A daycare center in Orlando, FL is under fire for leaving a 3-year-old child in the company van for 11 hours in 100 degree weather. 

via Dailymail,

A Florida police department released the heartbreaking 911 calls after a little boy was found dead in a daycare van after being left for 11 hours in sweltering temperatures.Myles Hill, three, was found dead in the van outside of Little Miracles Academy after spending all day trapped in the car when temperatures reached up to 144 degrees Fahrenheit on the night of August 7.In a panic, his grandmother called police earlier that evening telling officials the daycare told her that they didn’t know where Myles was.

Minutes later, police received another call from a daycare worker who said the child was found dead in a van, with screaming and crying heard in the background.

The Orlando Police Department released the heartbreaking audio of the 911 calls on Wednesday, revealing the details surrounding the tragic discovery. In the audio, Myles’ grandmother tells police around 8pm: ‘I called the lady who owned the day care and they said they don’t know where my baby (is) at.

‘They say my baby ain’t go to school, but he went to school this morning. I gave them the payment and signed the papers for my baby this morning.’Around twenty minutes later, a worker from Little Miracles Academy called police to inform them that she found Myles dead in the van.

She is heard saying: ‘I need somebody right now. The child was in there and looks like he’s dead. That’s all I can tell you, I’m not really sure what’s going on.’The child is dead, from what I understand, the child is dead. He’s gone. He’s gone. Oh my God, whose child is this?’ 

Deborah St. Charles, 51, was charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child over the death of Myles, Orlando police announced last Thursday. 

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