3LW’s Former Manager Blasts Adrienne Bailon And Naturi Naughton.. Alleges Adrienne Cheated On Rob Kardashian

Former 3LW members, Naturi Naughton and Adrienne Bailon, briefly reunited on The Real where they reminisced on the past and Adrienne apologized to Naturi over how she was treated while in the group. 

The interaction between the two seemed genuine and very uplifting; however, one person wasn’t here for it at all. At one point during the interview Adrienne shares, “And I think looking back, a lot of that was fear. There was so much fear put in us just all around.” Naturi chimed in, “Girl, I know! They had me scared, they had you scared. But the truth is we were kids, and the adults in the situation did what they did. But thank God I’m here, we’re just living life and moving forward.”

The adult in that situation just so happened to be Tse Williams, the group’s former manager and sister of the third member Kiely Williams. Tse Williams caught wind of the subtle shade and took to Twitter to get some things off of her chest.

I’m not sure where Kanye falls in all this mess, but Tse please do elaborate!

When asked why she never filed a lawsuit against the ladies after 13 of alleged slander, she replied:

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