4 Reasons You Should Attend An HBCU This Fall

CALLING ALL SENIORS IN HIGHSCHOOL! ThaCelebritea is here to make your college picks, a bit easier.

If you were anything like me, the letters H-B-C-U together like that is new. I didn’t know a thing about HBCUs, or historic black colleges or universities, until my freshman year in college at Georgia State University.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love being a panther-sort of, but my biggest regret? Not attending an HBCU.

Just hear me out seniors, I know that senioritis is starting to kick in and you want to just get this over with, but here are 4 reasons why you should consider at least applying to an HBCU this fall.

1. HBCUs teach from an Afrocentric perspective

I know. I know. You were thinking what the fudge, because you wouldn’t dare curse, is “Afrocentric.”

Afrocentric means putting Africa in the center of your day to day life.

Basically, HBCUs were created not only to give you a bomb education, but they want you to learn from an Afrocentric viewpoint-opposed to a Eurocentric viewpoint, which you can guess what that means.

Your history classes won’t be all Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. You’re going to learn YOUR history. Your psychology classes may touch on some Greek philosophers, but it will be to only say that those philosophers learned from African philosophers.

Why does that matter?

While you could get the same teaching in an African American Studies class at Duke University, the fact that it’s an HBCU that you are attending learning these subjects in a HISTORY class opposed to an African American Studies class gives you a sense of majority rather than minority status.

Who knows, you could be sitting in the same room Martin Luther King JR, Ruby Dorris, or Stokley Carmichael.

And that feeling, makes all the difference.

2. Black People EVERYWHERE

It’s going to be nice to have people that look like you around all the time. As stated in my first reason, the feeling of majority and the feeling of empowerment through not only history, but numbers- is inspiring.

To see Black men and women succeeding by your side-is a reward in and of itself.

The inspiration of seeing nothing but black doctors graduate?

That’s powerful.

3. THE HOMECOMINGS ARE INSANE (sorry to shift from profound to superficial, but hey, you are about to be fresh meat again, right?)

Listen, you think the homecomings at UGA or LSU are wild. Try an HBCU like Howard University, Clark Atlanta, or Fisk University.

We suggest studying hard and letting HOCO (homecoming) week be the 7 days that you let your hair down.

4. You are more than just a number

At GSU, the class sizes are enormous. You really do have to meet your professor after class just for him/her to get to know you. At an HBCU, within maybe a week or two, you and your professor will almost be bestfriends (don’t hold us to that when grades come rolling in, you still have to study.)

You could go to a private institution in order to get that same type of relationship, but it’s nice as a group to have some of the same struggles that you can discuss openly with eachother without feeling you have to hold anything back for fear of rejection.

I mean let’s face it, how many of your Caucasian besties have you tried explaining that affirmative action isn’t racist? Or how many have you had to explain that they have privilege?

We rest our case.

HBCUs do cost an arm and a leg, but the experiences and memories you make will be worth it. You won’t be the odd one out protesting for Black rights. The majority of the school will likely be there with you.

If you want a sense of community, an HBCU is the way to go.

Got any fave HBCU memories? We wanna hear! Let us know in the comments!

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