4 Things Not To Be Impressed With When Dating

  1. Because they called:
    Don’t be impressed just because they called, that should be an expectation. A text message says “I’m multitasking”, while a phone call says “I made ticall meme for you. It doesn’t take much effort to pick up the phone, it takes even less to send a text. No one says you have to constantly be on the phone, we are adults and we are busy. Howeve
    r making time to communicate with┬ásomeone you are dating should be a priority. Don’t be impressed by something your significant other should already be doing.
  2. They Flash Name Brand items:
    Your relationship should be based on love, trust, communicate,and enjoying each other. Basing a relationship off of materialism is a sure way to ruin it. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life, especially if it’s together. But when the person you are dating cares more about what people see them in and the items they are able to purchase, than actual priorities, it may be time to reflect on the relationship.
  3. Their social media presence:
    In an age where technology trumps all, people have consumed with how people perceive them via social media. People have become pseudo-celebrities after getting recognition from twitter, vine, and instagram. Dating someone “because they get a lot of likes” is just shallow.what not to be impressed by
  4. A big gesture of love after doing wrong:
    Grand gestures of love are always welcomed, however when those gestures are due to disgraceful actions, they don’t mean the same thing. We’ve heard the expression “flowers say I’m sorry, chocolate says I love you, and jewelry says I learned my lesson.” But when a relationship is a constant back and forth between wrongdoing and makeup presents, evaluate what the purpose of being in a relationship is for you.Unimpressed

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