8 Reasons Why We Will Miss The Obamas in The White House


In lieu of the sham that is the 2016 Presidential Debate with candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, its hard not to think about how much we appreciate the composure and sanity of the Obama family. It’s been a long eight years and there are countless reasons why we will miss them.  Yet, to make it easier on ya, we narrowed it down to 8.

8. They’re Down to Earth

Even though the Obama’s have all needs met with a snap of a finger, they have always remained humble. What politicians do you know will make appearances on all of our favorite late night shows? Instead of being some statuesque figures calling out shots, they place importance on being relatable to U.S. families, and it is truly appreciated.

7. Shade Was Real

The Obama’s may have never lost their cool but when bit, they bite back, and are unafraid to engage in shade throwing. Remember when Michelle took to the 2016 Democratic National Convention after Melania Trump snagged her 2008 speech. “You know, it’s hard to believe that it has been eight years since I first came to this convention… Remember how I told you about [Barack’s] character and convictions, his decency and his grace…” Ha! you know we remember girl, we heard the same speech from Melania just a few WEEKS prior.  You can always depend on the Obama’s for the most strategic shade and we’re here for it.


6. The First Daughters Have Grow Up Before Our Eyes

Sasha and Malia have grown up so quickly. With one at Harvard and the other with a knowledgeable grip on the real world, as she humbled herself to pick up a real job this summer, they have a promising future ahead. Especially considering that the only ‘shocking’ moments they’ve had between the two of them is when Malia was enjoying herself at a concert. Yes she was shaking what her momma gave her, but she was turnt just like any other millennial would be. We think we’ll let it pass.


5. Greatest FLOTUS Ever

Michelle Obama is not just brains leading several initiatives for women and young girls, but she is also beauty and in tune with the times. We have see the FLOTUS decked out in kicks, chillin’ it with Beyonce, and even dancing with kiddies at assemblies. Oh yeah… did  we mention that the woman doesn’t seem to age?


4. #RelationshipGoals

Barack and Michelle have something that is refreshing to see. Pure and genuine love. It is impossible to miss when they are constantly holding hands,  whispering intimately with each other, or when Barack is running to bring her an umbrella in the rain.  And their profiles in Essence magazine this year had us in awe. They definitely give us hope that true love still exists.


3. Scandal Free!

Think about it. For the last eight years, what can you say that the Obama family has done that degrades the country? Unlike our past first families and presidential candidates, there have been no affairs, no moves made that has put our people or army in severe damage, and no hate speech normalizing rape culture.  President Obama successfully commanded two terms and kept it classy with his personal life out of the limelight. Put some “respeck” on his name!


2. We’ve Come A Long Way

The 2008 Presidential Election was a pivotal moment for history and for those of older age, may have even made you want to cry. The fact that a black man became president with the support of the U.S. people, was truly remarkable. And this didn’t just happened once, but twice! Now this is something that would make Martin Luther King Jr. very pleased, A dream fulfilled.


1. Compassionate Leadership

President Obama and his family never forget that they were elected for the people, by the people.  This is definitely not ingrained in the heart of every politician. Maybe Barack should give our current presidential candidates a crash course. Him and his fam lead with us in mind as individuals and not just masses of people. The simplest things like visiting areas that have been through tragedies, or going the extra mile to simply have a conversation with someones child while they are out, is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. And doubling the employment rate among other things doesn’t either.

obama-family-community-service landscape-1464360080-hbz-obama

The white house will never be the same.

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