Adult Film Actress August Ames Dead At Age 23; Cyberbullying Led To Suicide

A bit of sad news and controversy coming out of the adult entertainment industry. Adult film actress August Ames has passed away at the age of 23.  Ames, who’s real name is Mercedes Grabowski, comitted suicide by hanging on Tuesday. Her body was found in her California home with authorites believing that there was no indication of foul play.

In the days before her apparent death, Ames was the target of malicious cyberbully by many within the LGBTQ community in porn. It all broke out on Sunday after Ames tweeted her displeasure about a company trying to pair her with a male actor who had previously done gay porn. After tweeting about not wanting to work with “crossover performers”—porn stars who appear in gay and heterosexual scenes—she was then bombarded by several LGBTQ commuity members and fellow adult performers. There was an onslught of angry tweets accusing her of discriminating against the LGBTQ community and being homophobic.

Ames then spent several hours defending her decison stating that she was not homophobic, but instead claimed that her refusal was based on health reasons and just plainly be able to excercise  her own sexual atonomy. Because at the end of the day, adult performer or not, she still had the right to say no to anything or anyone when it came to her body.

After the back and forth her last tweet read, “fuck yall”. Friends and family have stated that she had her bouts with depression throughout her life. Ames also revelaed that she suffered from bi-polar disease, along having multiple personality disorder. Many of her fellow adult stars have offered their condolenses as well their criticism towards those who participate in online bullying. 

“She was the kindest person I ever knew and she meant the world to me,” her husband, director Kevin Moore, told industry trade magazine Adult Video News (AVN), which first reported news of her death. “Please leave this as a private family matter in this difficult time.”

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