Alleged Gang Member Got His Penis Blown Off During Shooting in Brooklyn

Chyle this story is crazy…… An alleged gang member lost his penis during a drive by shooting that took place in Brooklyn on Tuesday night.

via The Grio,

A shooting took place in Brooklyn between rival gangs left one person dead and thirteen injured, including one gang member who lost his penis.

Tysheen Gott, the unfortunately injured alleged gang member, was injured during a November 2015 incident near a fast food joint.

Nine members of the Loot Gang were charged by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office in a 69-count indictment for murder, attempted murder, gang assault, gun possession, conspiracy and other crimes as part of a sweeping indictment.

Gott was not charged in the indictment but did not cooperate with investigators after he was allegedly confronted by Loot Gang member Dylan Cruz, who shot him five times.The video of the shooting showed Gott pulling an innocent bystander, a woman, in front of himself to use as a shield. According to prosecutors, the woman was struck three times as a result.In this same shooting, an innocent college student was killed because he had the wrong color shorts on, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

“Quincy Vital executed Terrell Henry for the simple offense of being in rival gang territory while simply wearing red shorts,” Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said.

Police said that they were able to piece together the events leading up to the shooting by looking at gang members’ Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and Soundcloud posts.The indictment was announced Tuesday, with eight men one unnamed 15-year-old facing various charges of conspiracy, assault, attempted assault, gang assault and attempted murder.

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