A$AP Rocky’s Home Hit For $1.5M In Armed Robbery

A$AP Rocky’s is the latest celebrity whose home has been burglarized. The rapper’s Beverly Grove home in Los Angeles was hit by a group of armed robbers late Tuesday (May 16) night. 

A$AP, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was not home at the time of the robbery; however, his sister was and the three men forced her to show them around while they grabbed about $1.5 million dollars worth of property. The group of men also  made attempts to break into A$AP’s safe, but ditched it on the street before making their getaway.

According to TMZ sources, his was a targeted hit and the outlet pointed out the robbery could be in relation to a video of A$AP Bari pushing some cash through a money counter that was posted to Rocky’s Instagram on Tuesday (May 16).

“When you young and you getting too much money and you ain’t got enough time to count all your money,” the “L$D” rapper can be heard saying on the video. “Go ahead Bari blood. Count them racks real quick.”



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