Azealia Banks Appears In Court After Missed Hearing For Boob Biting Case

Azealia Banks had a good day in court Tuesday after missing her Monday hearing for misdemeanor assault and attempted assault charges. According to the rapper’s attorney, John Vafa, a New York judge retracted the arrest warrant for Azealia Banks’ failure to appear in court on Monday.

The ‘212’ artist was called to court for a 2015 incident where she allegedly assaulted a security guard at a New York night club. When escorted from the club for ‘unruly behavior,’ Banks reportedly punched a female security guard and bit her breast.

In a statement to Billboard, Vafa informed that Banks’ absence from court Monday was a result of a innocent mix up. Apparently, Banks thought her court date was scheduled for Wednesday. Consequently, the rapper was unable to attend due to her participation in Paris Fashion Week.

The judge seemingly was very lenient in light that Banks was in court immediately upon her return back to New York.



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