Beyonce’s “Formation” Has Raised Red Lobster Sales 33 Percent

Beyonce’s new single “Formation” caused a dramatic boost in sales at Red Lobster. According to CNN, Red Lobster saw a 33% increase in sales on Sunday after Beyonce mentioned their name. 

The line, “When he fuck me good and I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay,” was all it took for the sales to skyrocket. 

Beyond the sales, Red Lobster was mentioned on Twitter over 42,000 times and was a trending topic for the first time in history. Now the chain seafood restaurant didn’t immediately react to the line in Beyonce’s new song, however they did send a response a few hours later. 

After the alleged Bey biscuits, Red Lobster thanked her for a great weekend. 

Unintentionally, Red Lobster came out as a winner in this situation. 

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