Beyonce’s Formation World Tour Made Over $250M

Written by Intern Writer @Ashley_Janice || Who runs the world? Don’t act like you didn’t already know. Queen Bey’s Formation World Tour ended with a bang earning up to $256,084,556, with 2.2 million tickets sold.

According to Billboard, each concert averaged $5.2 million while having 45,757 paid attendees. The tour’s highest paid stop was in London at the Wembly Stadium in July on 2-3, when Yonce herself earned $15.3 million with 142,500 tickets sold. Prior to that, when the tour touched down in New York City Field, the tour grossed with $11.5 million selling 73,486 tickets, with two sold out shows. It was the highest-grossing stop in North America.

Reportedly by Billboard, Arthur Fogel, the tour promoter and the chairman of Live Nation’s Global Touring division, spoke highly of Beyoncé when calling her an, “amazing performer”and having a “rapid and committed fan base”.

“When everybody acknowledges the greatness of the production but, more than that, everybody is blown away by her, that’s the ultimate skill”, Fogel added. “To not only use the platform of a great production, but to rise above it as a performer and artist, that’s her incredibly unique quality.”

The Beyhive won’t argue with that.

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