Bill Maher’s Ex Coco Johnsen Infers That The Comedian Uses The N-Word Often

A former flame in Bill Maher’s love life has implied the comedian is no stranger to using the n-word.

According to TMZ, Coco Johnsen shared her opinion on Bill’s n-word controversy. She stated that Bill probably simply thought “no one would care that he jokingly referred to himself as a ‘house n*gger’.”

Coco, who dated Bill for a little over a year, took the HBO host to court for $9 million in a case that was ultimately thrown out. Coco sued Bill for not putting a ring on it as he allegedly promised her and verbally abusing her.

When asked by TMZ if Bill used the n-word around her, Coco strongly insinuated that Bill did.

“I’ve heard that word many times,” Coco said. “I don’t want to say exactly from where…”

Check out Coco’s TMZ interview below:

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