Blac Chyna Is Seeking A Music Career; Taking Meetings W. Record Labels

Do we have another dancer-turned-music artist on our hands? Probably so.

Blac Chyna is looking to make the transition from being a music video vixen to actually being a music artist. While some may be laughing at the idea, let’s stop and think about today’s music landscape. It wouldn’t be so far fetched to see Blac Chyna making music. She definitely wouldn’t be the first dancer to pursue music seriously. There’s Kash Doll, who’s from Detroit. And most recently Cardi B, who also has the hottest song out right now, ‘Bodak Yellow’. With help from Nicki Minaj, Blac Chyna’s looking to make an impact  in the music game.

via TMZ:

Several sources close to Blac Chyna tell us she’s entering the music game and is already recording in the studio. As for what type of music … rap, “poetry music” and traditional singing.

The catalyst was the Yo Gotti music video shoot down in Miami a couple weeks back with Nicki, who Chyna sees as a mentor. The next step is to get signed.


We’re told Chyna’s lined up several meetings with record labels in L.A., and already met bigwigs at Capital Records.

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