Breaking News: Tom Brady Surpasses Peyton Manning And Idol Joe Montana For 201st QB Winnings

Life is great if your name is Tom Brady.

The unstoppable 39-year-old quarterback in his 17th season has surpassed Peyton Manning and his NFL idol Joe Montana for most winnings as a QB EVER! On Sunday after the New England Patriots (10-2) defeated the Saint Louis Rams (4-8), Brady officially won 201 games making NFL history. According to Complex, “He went from a third string backup quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines and barely got playing time during their 1997 run to the Rose Bowl where they won the national championship to cap off their undefeated season.”tumblr_mbjp5boaev1qzuh3do1_500

In 2000, Brady was destined for greatness after being drafted by the Patriots as the 199th pick in the sixth round, following his six total passing yards in his rookie year. Shortly after climbing the ladder to the number one starting role position, he has earned two MVP titles, four Super Bowl rings, and broke various quarterback records, making every Pats fan proud. Brady’s overall NFL career record and winning percentage is an all time high with 201-(.767). When asked how did it feel to be the GOAT Brady responded,

“You know, I’m just grateful for all my teammates, and my coaches, and my family and friends. It’s been a lot of football over the years, so… It’s always been about winning and you know, I’ve been very fortunate to be on great news. I’m actually very grateful.”

Although Brady was suspended for the first four games following his deflategate scandal, it seems he’s having a pretty lit year.

Hands down, Tom Brady is arguably one of the best QB’s of all time, but can the Pats take it all the way this year?


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