BREAKING: The Los Angeles Lakers Fire Byron Scott


In the city of Angels, the Los Angeles Lakers have had one of the worse season in history. Not only that, but their 5-time NBA Champion, Kobe Bryant has made the decision to retire after 20-years wearing the purple and gold. According to Y! Sports, the Lakers have fired coach Bryon Scott after a disappointing 17-65 season.

In his exit interview, Lakers genereal Manager, Mike Kupchak, says this about Scott’s performance,

“If you look at all the circumstances that Byron had to coach under,” Kupchak said, “I think he did a great job.”

Coach Bryon Scott says during his exit interview,

“Obviously this summer is another big summer for us,” the said, “and I’m looking forward to it as the head coach of the team until they tell me differently.”

Now, the ball gets rolling for the next Lakers coach. Reports have stated that Phil Jackson is willing and ready to jump back on the Lakers bandwagon and return to LA with his wife. Since Jackson left in 2011, there have been four different head coaches with none going past two seasons. Going to be very interesting to see who gets the job. There are several great candidates for the Lakers job.

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