British Tourist Facing 3 Years In Jail For Touching Man’s Hip In Dubai Bar

Different places, different cultures, different taboos….

A 27-year-old Scottish man is now facing a three-year jail sentence after touching a man’s hip in a Dubai bar to avoid bumping and spilling drinks.

According to news sources, Jamie Harron of Stirling has been detained in the country and set for trial this Sunday on charges of public indecency.

Via Independent

“Mr Harron has reportedly spent more than £30,000 in expenses and legal fees, having been detained in the UAE since July.

Radha Stirling, chief executive Detained in Dubai, said: “It is quite outrageous that he has been held in the country for so long already.

“This is another example of how vulnerable tourists are to arrest and detention in Dubai and at how drawn out and disorganised legal proceedings are.”

The 27-year-old electrician is said to have been holding a drink, moving through a crowded bar, and held a hand in front of him to avoid spilling it on himself or others.

He then “touched a man on his hip to avoid impact”. 

The organisation claims it was only after Mr Harron and his friend sat at a table that the man who had been touched seemed aggravated.

Police arrived at the scene “20 to 30” minutes later and arrested Mr Harron, according to his representatives.

His charges after the alleged event at the Rock Bottom Bar are said to include drinking alcohol and public indecency.

Mr Harron is said to have been locked up for five days in Al Barsha prison, before being released after bail with his passport confiscated.”

Sounds like this tourist has unfortunately found himself in the middle of a serious cultural misunderstanding…


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