Call CPS! Houston Woman Charged After Using Taser to Punish Son For Getting In Trouble at School

Whitney White was arrested after her 5-year-old son told police she tasted him for “getting in trouble at school.” 

According to KPRC Houston:

Police said White’s son’s injuries were caused by a slap to the face and being hit with a belt. Court documents indicate White said she became frustrated with her son because he refused to study his lessons.

While police were investigating that incident, White’s son told officers his mom used a Taser on him last November. Court documents show the boy said, “I was five years old when the defendant tased me on my arm because I got in trouble at school. From zero to 10, it hurt 10.”

According to court documents, when White was asked about this she said, “My anger management class told me not to tase him but we didn’t go into what else to do.”

White’s son and a 2-week-old sibling are in the temporary custody of Child Protective Services and are being cared for by a relative.

White is allowed supervised contact with her infant because she is still breast-feeding. White declined to answer questions after an initial appearance before a judge.

We used to get disciplined for getting in trouble at school back in the day, but using a taser on your child is crossing the line. I hope she gets the help she needs and that the kids stay far away from her.

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