Chance The Rapper’s Grammy Weekend Starts With A Visit To Court Due to Child Support

Chance the Rapper and his baby’s mother, Kirsten Corley are back in court just days before the Grammy Awards, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Corley and the 23-year-old rapper, born Chancelor Bennett, are “in the process of establishing separate residences” after having lived together since August 2015, according to paperwork Bennett’s attorneys filed Monday.

In his petition, Bennett is asking the court to “set a child support award below statutory guidelines,” grant an order protecting personal information, require Corley to share in expenses for their daughter because she is “capable of full-time employment in several capacities” and refer the former couple to private mediation.

In regards to child support, Bennett’s attorneys argue that “while courts are careful not to limit the amount of child support to the child’s ‘shown needs’ because a child is not expected to live at a minimal level of comfort while the noncustodial parent is living a life of luxury… courts have recognized that ‘a large income does not necessarily trigger an extravagant lifestyle.'”

Chance has other plans with his coins.


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