Check Out Taraji P. Henson In New Trailer For ‘Proud Mary’ Action Film

 The trailer for Taraji P Henson’s “Proud Mary” has just dropped and it’s everything.  It’s not everyday you see an action film with a black female lead. If you pay close attention, there is this trend within Hollywood where stars are getting their own ‘action film franchise’. There’s Liam Nesson with Taken 1-3, Denzel Washington with The Equalizier,  Jackie Chan with the upcoming ‘Foreigner’ film, and also Charlize Theron with ‘Atomic Blonde’. Everyone’s getting an action film franchise these days. To me, this trailer comes off as John Wick meets Foxy Brown. An obvious  homage to Pam Grier and 70’s blaxploitation, this movie looks to be very interesting.

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The trailer, which is soundtracked to the classic Tina Turner version of the song from which it takes its name, opens with Henson’s Mary getting ready for her day with some exercise, a shower, and putting on some makeup. At that point, her character could just be preparing for a normal day. For all we know she could be a lawyer, a teacher, a SoulCycle instructor… We just don’t know until she casually starts zipping and buttoning herself into some head-to-toe black leather and goes into her closet to select her gun for the day. Turns out, her character is an elite contract killer for the Boston mob.

Then we get a montage of shoot outs, fast cars, explosions, a wig change, and quick shot of Hennessy. As one would expect from Iranian-Swedish film director Babak Najafi, perhaps best known for directing high octane action thriller London Has Fallen. Check out the trailer for yourself here:


The plot seems to take a twist away from your standard “bang! bang! shoot ’em up!” when Mary encounters a young boy. The log line indicates he may be the person who gets Mary to reconsider her life as an assassin for hire.

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