Chris Brown & Lil Wayne Get Linked To Federal Drug Case

Written by Intern || @micahkimberley

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are allegedly being linked to a federal drug investigation involving narcotics, including lean (what a surprise).

During a criminal drug trial with Miami music producer, Harrison Garcia, text messages surfaced of him boasting about selling drugs to the entertainers.

According to Garcia’s Instagram posts, the producer is pretty “big time” posing with stacks of cash, lavish sneakers, fancy cars and other belongings.

However, the feds credit those belongings to the drug money he received from selling drugs to CB and Wayne, who were also pictured and flaunted on Garcia’s social media.

Via TMZ:

Garcia exchanged texts with an underling to deliver drugs to Wayne, saying, “I’ll shoot u some trees (pot).” Garcia responded, “It’s for Wayne.”

In another text, Gracia sent a screenshot of a $15,000 bank deposit from Chris Brown, saying, “Look who put money my account.” The woman said, “What that for LOL” and he responded with with a couple of smiley faces with the message, “Drugs … lean and sh*t” … this according to the Miami Herald.

A federal agent testified Garcia also told cops he sold Wayne narcotics … “a lot of narcotics.

Smh, were the bragging rights truly worth it?

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