Cleveland Police Increases Security for Playoff Game In Light of Facebook Killer

During the Monday night, Game 2, first round match-up against the defending NBA Champions, Cleveland Cavaliers and the hungry Indiana Pacers, the Cleveland Police have announced that the city will increased security measures as the Facebook Live killer is still on the loose.

According to USA TODAY Sports,

“People probably won’t notice anything different, but for every one uniformed officer there will probably be three (plain clothes officers) roaming through the crowd to look for anything unusual,’’ says Stephen Loomis, president of the local police union.

“We have all the usual security plans in place for the Cavs game and above that,” Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams added. “Everybody will be safe coming to the Cavs game.”

On Sunday, a Cleveland man took measures in his own hands and posted a live murder to Facebook in retaliation to a relationship gone wrong. The killer, Steve Stephen, 37, is considered armed and dangerous as police still have no idea of his whereabouts. He has claimed to have killed more than 10 people of the Lake Erie Shore area in the northeast Cleveland, Ohio.

The Cavs took a 1-0 lead in their first round match-up against the Pacers winning, 109-108 Saturday. Game 2 is currently playing on TNT.

Photo cred: David Richard, USA TODAY Sports

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