Cleveland Teens Stream Limo Joyride After Robbing Driver

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Social media platforms are constantly adapting to spread information faster than ever. Taking advantage of such opportunities were three Cleveland teens who are now facing multiple charges for allegedly jacking a limo from a driver at gunpoint right before airing their joyride on Facebook.

The streamed video features two of three teens in the backseat of the limo smoking weed, busting out some dance moves, and embracing the unspoken number one rule of all limo rides… sticking their heads through the sun roof.

Jesse Varner, 18, and Ty’Juan Philpot, 18, and Norman Henry, 19, posted the video the day after approaching  limo driver Brandon Lynch, a national guardsman, who had just dropped an out-of-town couple to game one of the Indians’ American League Divisional Series against the Boston Red Sox. While waiting at McDonalds, the teens asked Lynch for a ride in the drive through. When he thought they were joking, the teens drew a gun.


The 19-year-old was then choked, punched, and robbed by the men who got away with his wallet, cell phone, $340 in cash, and keys to the limo.

‘It was pretty frightening. I wasn’t prepared for anything like that, even with basic training and getting prepared for war, so to speak. It’s one of those things that caught you off guard,’ Lynch said.

The joyride ended in a crash on Central Avenue and East 35th Street in Cleveland, yet the damage is salvageable, and according to, all three robbers have pretty extensive criminal records. This which comes to no surprise with such a YOLO crime.

At this point, only Henry has been arrested with aggravated robbery, while the other two are still at large. And although Lynch suffered a severe concussion that forces him to vomit intermittently, he is stable.

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