Colorado Theater Shooting Survivors Ordered To Pay $700K in Legal Fees For Theater Chain

The saying “insult to injury” rings so true for tea that we have for you. Some of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting survivors involved in a civil lawsuit just received a slap in the face!

A judge recently ordered that the survivors of the horrible massacre pay $700K in the theater’s legal fees after refusing a settlement request.

Previously, a small settlement deal of $150,000 in compensation from Cinemark was accepted by the court. However, in the twelfth hour, a mother of a victim refused to sign off the settlement.

The victims of the Aurora massacre initially filed a lawsuit against the theater chain on the claims that they felt the establishment could have done more to prevent it.

The theater shooting occurred in July 2012. The shooter, James Holmes, killed 12 and injured 70 people during a showing of the Dark Knight Rises.

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