Come On Now: Man Shoots Friend Who Introduced Him To Smoking After Throat Cancer Diagnosis

Taking responsibility for your own actions is a piece of advice that could go a long way, especially in 25-year-old Mustakeem Ahmad’s case of killing a friend who introduced him to smoking.

After receiving a throat cancer diagnosis allegedly credited to his “excessive smoking,” Ahmad decided to go back to the where he believed it all started—his friend Inayat. 

According to the Hindustan Times, Ahmad claimed Inayat introduced him to marijuana and cigarettes, which first resulted in a throat infection, then later escalated to cancer. 

Authorities say the two reportedly worked together as Chefs, a restaurant in west Delhi, but Ahmad began to envy Inayat because he was thriving at their workplace. 

“Though Ahmad and Inayat were friends at the workplace, Inayat was reportedly better at his job and well-behaved and soon became the favorite of the restaurant owner,” police told the Hindustan Times, also stating Ahmad had been fired. 

Days before the shooting, police say Ahmad purchased a pistol and began target practicing. He later went back to his workplace Thursday in attempt to get Inayat fired as well, but didn’t succeed. Once he realized, he took another route by starting an argument that resulted in his former friend’s death.

While Inayat was shot and pronounced dead at the restaurant, Ahmad fled, but was later found in Uttam Nagar Friday.

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