Comedian Charlie Murphy Passes At Age 57

Written by Intern || @micahkimberley

Comedian, Charlie Murphy, has passed away at age 57 after battling leukemia Wednesday.

You may know Murphy for starring on Comedy Central’s ‘The Chapelle Show’ and also because of his younger brother and fellow comedian, Eddie Murphy.

He wasn’t limited to just a comedian. Murphy also appeared in movies, television,¬†and even video games. The 57-year-old was also a writer.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Murphy even served as a bodyguard to his brother, Eddie, which he mentioned turned him into a hot head.

“It was to the point that, if I went to a show and you were the hater in the audience that was like, ‘That shit wasn’t funny’ POW! I’m jamming you, man,” Murphy said.

Murphy showed love for his brother this way, and others are showing love via social media remembering Murphy after his passing.

Paul Mooney, Matthew A. Cherry, and many others also shared their condolences via Twitter.

Our prayers go out to his family, friends, and fans.

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