Connecticut High School Suspends 150 Students In 1 Day For Dress Code Violations

One Connecticut High School is taking their dress code VERY seriously…

According to NY Daily News, Wilby High School is under public scrutiny after suspending 150 students in 1 day for dress code violations. 

Students who reportedly wore “forbidden colors” and hooded sweatshirts were announced by name via speaker and suspended the following school day.

Photo: Michael Melia, AP

The school’s current dress code, which aims to reduce clothing costs and weapons entering the school, requires male students to “wear black or green shirts tucked into a pair of belted pants.” Female students “to wear shorts, dresses, and pants in navy, blue, black, gray or khaki.”

Wilby High’s student population is 84% Hispanic or Black, and the school’s staff is 83% white. Critics of the mass suspension claim the school’s harsh disciplinary actions are a direct result of “cultural insensitivity of among staff members.”

Although the presiding school district removed the suspension from the students’ records backlash, the district continues to face criticism for not employing enough minority teachers and suspending nearly half of its student population at one time or another within the previous year.

Sheesh, this school sounds out of touch. Is this school going overboard, especially with “forbidden colors”? Tells your thoughts below!


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