Cops Cuff Dr. Dre After Man Mistakes His Phone For a Gun

Dr. Dre got a little taste of racism today while he was outside his Malibu home. TMZ reports that an unknown person had their car parked in front of Dre’s home, blocking his driveway. He asked them to move, and as they did, the driver allegedly cursed at Dre. 

Dre pulled into his driveway, but the other driver kept yelling — so Dre pulled out his phone to record video.

Our Dre sources claim the guy said, “Here we go again, another black guy with a gun.” L.A. County Sheriffs tell us the motorist called 911 to report someone pulled a gun on him.

When deputies responded they put handcuffs on the Doc and searched him. We’re told they found no gun, and let him go. However, the guy insisted on making a citizen’s arrest, which means he filled out a report detailing his allegations.

This whole incident could’ve turned out way worse. The drive could’ve pulled a gun on Dre just because he confused his phone with being a gun. This just shows that celebrities aren’t safe from stereotypes or racism in this country.

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