Court Docs Reveal No Meds Found In Prince’s Home Were Prescribed To Him

Written by Intern || @micahkimberley

Recent discoveries in Prince’s home reveal that he may have had a bigger issue than expected after search warrants were released by Minnesota authorities.

According to TMZ, cops found Ziploc bags and envelopes enclosed with pills in which they believed to be filled in Prince’s bodyguard’s name.

Prior to his death, the singer’s bodyguard headed to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, and one included Percocet.

Prince used an alias which appeared on bottles of pills along with the lyrics for the song, “U Got the Look” that law enforcement also located in a suitcase at the house.

Get this… Prince’s doctor, Dr. Michael Schulenberg, told a detective the day of the singer’s overdose that he prescribed Prince Oxycodone six days prior, but placed the Rx in his bodyguard’s name.

Prince overdosed off the painkiller Fentanyl in 2016.

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