Crybaby Nazi Chris Cantwell Turns Himself In To Authorities; Arrested On Charlottesville-Related Charges

Just a little update on some of the fallout from the tragedy which took place in Charlottesville. If you remember, one of the main orchestrators for the Unite the Right rally was Chris Cantwell. The asshole was featured on Vice’s in depth documentary of the rally and protest. He was one of the most vocal and visible leaders of the gathering, proclaiming violence towards all opposing protest groups, and also dismissed the death of Heather Heyer. 

What was brovado and tough talk, soon turned into blubbering tears when Cantwell took to the internet CRYING about the possibility of getting arrested. He turned himself into to the Lynchburg Police Department Wednesday night and is now facing charges of  illegal use of tear gas and malicious bodily injury after pepper-spraying anti-fascist demonstrators. 

He is currently being held without bail. I say good, keep that hateful thug off the streets.


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