Cut The Check! Rob Kardashian Could Go After Blac Chyna for Child Support Because She Makes The Most Money

#RobKardashian and #BlacChyna are close to coming to an agreement over the custody of their daughter, #DreamKardashian. But the gag is, if Rob is able to get full custody, he could ask for child support from Chyna, since she currently makes more money than he does.

Via TMZ:

Neither Rob nor Chyna has requested child support from the other … yet. If that changes though, Rob would likely be the one asking for a couple of reasons.

First, Rob has Dream more often than Chyna — we’re told that’s always been the case. Second, she makes way more money than he does. We’re told Rob banks very little on his own outside of the family reality show. Chyna, on the other hand, makes huge chunks of change on appearances and hosting gigs.

So, even if custody ends up being a 50/50 split … there’s at least the possibility Rob could eventually go after her for support. But right now, that’s not on the table, and we’re told they’re close to reaching a settlement.

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