Did Kendrick Lamar Take Shots At Big Sean In New Song “The Heart Part 4”?

Last night Kendrick Lamar dropped a new track called “The Heart Part 4.” The song set ‘Black Twitter’ on fire as they insinuated the song is taking shots at Detroit rapper, Big Sean. 

“My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil shit/I’ll Big Pun your punk ass you a scared lil bitch/Tip-toeing around my name nigga you lame/When I get at you homie don’t just tell me you was just playin’/’I was just playing K.Dot c’mon you know a nigga rock with you bro’/Shut the fuck up you sound like the last nigga I know/Might end up like the last nigga I know/Oh you don’t want to clash? Yeah nigga I know” Kendrick raps.

Later in the song, Kendrick raps, “Hoe, Jay Z Hall of Fame, sit ya punk ass down,” which some think could be a reference to Big Sean’s second album Hall of Fame. Others think the line and diss are directed towards Drake. 

Unlike Remy who called Nicki out specifically; no names were dropped in this song, so for now it’s nothing more than speculation.  

People thought Big Sean took a couple of jabs at K.Dot in his in his verse on “No More Interviews” last year, rapping “And I can’t lie like I like this shit like I usually do / And I’m just not impressed by you niggas rapping fast / Who sound like one big asthma attack but trash when I’m rapping it back / Who you put in your top five and claim they the savior of rap.”

Last year, while being interviewed on the Breakfast Club, Sean brushed off notions that Kendrick killed him on “Control.” When Charlamagne says Kendrick washed him on the track, the Detroit rapper responded, “No he didn’t. Stop it, stop it, stop it. And, how long ago was that? What year was that? And I still don’t feel like I got washed, anyway.”

The near-five-minute song is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. You can listen for yourself and see if this was a diss to Big Sean. In the meantime, enjoy the instigators on Twitter hyping up a new rap beef. 

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