Did Kylie Jenner Rent Out Her Hidden Hills Home To Rob & Blac Chyna ?

It’s seems like the Kylie Jenner is in a giving mood this holiday seasons, but we aren’t quite sure. Recently, TMZ reported that she rented out her six- bedroom Hidden Hills home to Rob and Blac Chyna, however if she really wanted to be nice wouldn’t she have let them stay for free being new parents and all? 

According to social media, Chyna shared an Instagram snap on Saturday of herself and her four-year-old King Cairo in front of the spacious home. They sat on a red three-wheeler in white outfits in front of the house sparkling with Christmas lights.

‘Happy Holidays,’ Chyna wrote in the caption for her more than 10 million followers on Instagram.

Chyna just may be announcing things a little to quickly because Rob is reportedly was still working out leasing terms with his little sister. According to TMZ, the move stemmed Rob wanting to be closer to Kris and Kim and with Chyna place in Tarzana it was sort of a hassle. Once Kylie made her mansion available plans changed. 

There are no details on the timeline of this move or if it will happen at all, we just hope things pan out nicely for the holidays. 

Should Rob and Chyna live there for free?

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