Did Raiders Donald Penn Cheat on His Wife and Father a Child With Bad Girls Club Camilla?

Chile, grab your teacups because this tea we’re serving today is nice and hot! Oakland Raiders, Donald Penn, has just been put on blast by his wife, Dominique Penn, after he cheated on her with Bad Girls Club all-star, Camilla Poindexter. Not only did he cheat with Camilla, but allegedly, he is the father of her little baby girl. 

Mrs. Penn held nothing back as she blasted Camilla for trying to use her baby as hush money from Donald. She pulled a Beyoncé “Ring the Alarm” and basically said she’ll be damned before she let another chick on his arm getting her coins! 




8 thoughts on “Did Raiders Donald Penn Cheat on His Wife and Father a Child With Bad Girls Club Camilla?

    1. Yes, but he has responsibilities he can claim. EI his other children and wife. All of that counts in his favor. She’ll get shit in comparison to what she could if he wasn’t married.

  1. This hood rat is f’n messy. I hate men sometimes.
    Dragging his wife down to the dirty level in which said hood rat exists!

  2. No Ms Wife as wrong as it may be YOU ARE THE JANE DOE ASS ,because your Husband was CHEATING on you for 2 yrs had a baby And U did not know .Get to know your Husband.

  3. Sorry Mrs Penn,
    You lost your dignity and respect. You attacked the wrong person. You attacked an innocent child. Your approach to this situation speaks volumes about you. You seem angry at the woman, maybe you should have been more attentive to your husband. I am sorry that you felt the need to air your pain for all to see. Your children will one day read the awful things you said about a woman and child that you don’t ever know. May God help you grow and walk in his light!!!!

    1. @Jay I think it is so Funny how people put GOD name in situations like this, because if Camilla knew that same GOD she would know the 10 commandments thou shall not commit adultery. The Wife is doing God’s work sticking by their Husband as so many mothers did back in the days when their weak Husbands cheated and had OUTSIDE kids. Now there are many Camilla’s in the world just don’t try and defend someone and put God as your end story she the one that messed up in God’s eyes and the many wives that’s in this world.

    2. Lol with God comment he have put in place the 10 commandments for those who don’t know. One of them is thou shall not commit adultery, you can not defend someone and end it with a God statement. Dignity another word you used to describe HIS wife pain something she is in tilted to have. Word choice words are not the beat for this situation. But you may be a friend of the individual who did the wrong so you just don’t get it. The new thoughts of 2016 wrong is right until it happen to them

  4. Let all with no sin, cast the first stone. You talk about the other woman and adultrey. Ask yourself what would Jesus do…… Would he air all the sin for the world to see???? Would he harm the innocent child. This is what’s wrong with the world today…….

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