Disconnecting From Social Media To Have Love Connections

Most people feel it’s harder to find true love and meaningful relationships now, compared to 20 years ago. In a world filled with technology that allows global connectivity, people are more disconnected from each other than ever. Gone are they days where you could sit down with someone at a restaurant and have an interrupted conversation. Now instead of focusing on the date, people snapchat the drive to the restaurant, put a picture of the food on Instagram, and tweet about the service they are receiving. Instead of focusing on the views, likes, and retweets, here’s some date ideas that require unplugging from the smartphone and finding a love connection.


First things first, DITCH THE SMARTPHONE! Most people don’t realize it but they are Finding loveaddicted to their phone, if it’s not there it can’t be a distraction. You don’t have to leave it in car, but putting it on silent and making a conscious effort not to check it will help.


Have a list of topics that you would want to know about the person. Nothing too Never have I everdeep or serious but just silly questions you wouldn’t otherwise know. Play little games like would you rather or never have I ever. Opening up often leads to deeper conversation.

Go people watching together. When you consciously observe the world, you People watching realize things you wouldn’t otherwise. Seeing how other people are constantly in their phone will make you more aware of how often you are in yours.


These ideas may not necessarily lead to a love connection, but they can help when it comes to dating. Have you ever seen two people in a restaurant that are clearing on a date but both are staring at their phones? Don’t be that couple.



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