‘Doc McStuffins’ Kiara Muhammad Is Suing Disney For Her Coins!

Kiara Muhammad, the voice of Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins, and her mother Anitra Muhammad are suing Disney Character Voices and Studiopolis for some shady business practices. Muhammad is ready for her baby to get some respect on her name and get all her coins along with it.

Kiara began voicing ‘Doc’ in 2010 and has since been required to sign single-day agreements every time she goes to work. Muhammad has suggested several times to sign Kiara to an official employment contract to cover multiple days of work instead of daily contracts, but that wouldn’t allow Disney the ability to replace the actress if they would like.

Muhammad is also suing for untimely payments.  Kiara received a flat rate of $5 thousand for season 1 and after season two, she was supposed to see 2.5% of the show’s merchandising revenue in exchange for “her name, voice, and likeness in perpetuity.”

Considering that Muhammad’s claims lean towards a breach of contract, she is requesting an accountant to tally up how much Kiara is actually owed.

Disney has yet to comment, and we wouldn’t either. Mamma don’t play!

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