Donald Trump Invites President Obama’s Half Brother To The Final Debate

Just when you thought this obnoxious presidential debate couldn’t get any messier, well your wrong. There may be trouble in the White House after President Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama has officially joined forces with Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Trump believes, “Malik gets it far better than his brother.” Whatever that means…

Just to prove how crazy Trump truly is, the republican nominee invited Malik as a guest , reported by Time, to the next presidential debate which will be aired tonight at 6:00 PM. While speaking to the New York Post,¬†Malik added, he is “excited” to attend the presidential debate and honestly believes, “Trump can make America great again.”

Malik even questioned the various women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct asking, “Why didn’t they come forward before?” He also has disbelieves¬†Hillary Clinton’s work as Secretary of State, claiming that Muammar Gaddafi was a friend and suggests we should, “check out the situation in Libya now.”


Although President Obama started his campaign, ironically Malik doesn’t follow the “my brother’s keeper” mantra. Malik’s last appearance with President Obama was in 2015 when he says their encounter was a “hands-off kind of thing, very businesslike, very formal.” Malik has indicated his resentment towards Barack Obama stating, he has not helped him with his foundation to support the family’s village of Kogelo, Kenya.

Could this be his reasoning for supporting Trump?

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