Dr. Dre and Ice Cube Cleared From Unlawful Death Lawsuit

Good news on the West Coast for Dr. Dre and Ice Cube! They’ve just been cleared in an  unlawful death lawsuit from a 2015 fatal hit-and-run episode.

In case your forgot, Suge Knight was charged with premeditated murder in January 2015 after a hit-and-run incident killing his friend Terry Carter. Following the horrific incident, Carter’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Knight, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube.

The suit insisted that Suge and the two former N.W.A members were responsible for Carter’s death, which transpired shortly after a gang dispute on the set of a promotional shoot for Straight Outta Compton. 

TMZ reported that a court recently ruled Cube and Dre weren’t liable for Carter’s death because they were unaware of the tragic event that took place and not responsible for Knight’s alleged criminal act.

Evidently, Knight was trying to flee the scene when he ran over Carter with his car. According to TMZ,  although Knight was charged with Carter’s murder, Dre. Dre and Ice Cube were also being held responsible by the family on the claims that they hired known gang members as security for the shoot.

Cube and Dre pleaded their case stating they ordered security to escort Knight off of the premises. While filing a motion last year in August demanding to be released from the lawsuit, their motion read: “These allegations plainly demonstrate that allowing Suge to remain at the base camp posed a serious risk that Suge could have injured someone at the camp- including Dre. Dre, Bone, ( Cle “Bone” Sloan,  who was also struck by Suge that day) or one of the numerous cast crew working on the film. Certainly, the risk that Suge might leave the base camp and proceed to his fatal confrontation with Carter was no more foreseeable than the possibility that Suge would injure or kill someone else if he had been permitted to stay.”

While Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are rightfully enjoying their good news, Suge Knight is currently in prison awaiting arraignment for his pending murder charges.

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