Dr. Dre Opens Up About His History of Abuse Towards Women: “I Was Out of my F*cking Mind”

Dr. Dre is making headlines with a new apology/confession for beating journalist, Dee Barnes in the 90’s.  Dre slammed Barnes’ face and body into a wall as his bodyguard held a crowd back at a LA nightclub. He then reportedly tried to throw her down the stairs after kicking her in the ribs and hands.

And that’s not Dre’s only time abusing a woman. Let’s not forget how he physically and verbally abused ex-girlfriend, Michel’le.

In part 2 of HBO’s upcoming documentary, ‘The Defiant Ones,’ Dre admits that he lost it. He says:

“Any man that puts his hands on a female is a fucking idiot. He’s out of his f*cking mind, and I was out of my f*cking mind at the time. I f*cked up, I paid for it, I’m sorry for it, I apologize for it.

“I have this dark cloud that follows me, and it’s going to be attached to me forever. It’s a major blemish on who I am as a man.”

What do you think about Dre opening up on his past domestic abuse incidents? Do you accept his apology?

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