EXCLUSIVE: Safaree Allegedly Jumped by Meek Mill and His Team

During one of the many events for the BET Awards weekend, all hell broke out during Angel Brinks Fashion show hosted by none other than DJ Khaled.

According to a source, Nicki Minaj’s ex’s were spotted and one of the men was attacked before stepping into the building! Safaree, of VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood gave his side of the story stating on social media, “I hopped out the whip, saw Meek, he hopped out then I just got snuck, n*ggas jumped me.” 

From a video posted, Safaree came out of the brawl without a scratch. At the moment, no word from Meek or his team on the allegations. Guess we will have to see, on social media, what the other ex has to say about this story. Stay tuned!

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