Family of Texas Cop Who Killed Jordan Edwards Claims He’s A “Family Man” Who’s Suffering From PTSD

By now you have heard about yet another tragic case of a police officer shooting an UNARMED black teenager. This time, unfortunately, it is the tragic story of 15 year old Jordan Edwards. Young Jordan was a honor student widely noted as being a good son and high school student with no previous criminal record. His only crime the night of his murder – was attempting to return home from a party with his 2 brothers. Edwards was shot in the head by Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver. Oliver is US Amry veteran who served in two tours under the Bush era. The police officer took aim at a moving car full of teenagers leaving a Saturday night party.  Since then, Oliver has been fired and now the family of Jordan Edwards is calling for the former Balch Springs police officer to be charged with murder. 

The family of the officer has since come to his defense, claiming that he is the ‘perfect father figure’ who may have been suffering from PTSD when he opened fire. So now this has become yet another story of a white “lone wolf”individual who’s committed crime because of mental health issues. Oliver, just like many other white individuals accused of violent crimes,  gets to escape the “wide brush” of inherent criminality that’s always associated with African Americans and other minorities as a whole.

Via Daily Mail:

Oliver’s family, however, have spoken out in his defense, suggesting the divorced father to a baby boy and girl, both aged one, would never recklessly endanger the life of kids.

‘He’s a wonderful family man and father. He has two precious little ones himself,’ Oliver’s mother Linda Oliver, 64, told in an exclusive interview.

‘He is very honorable, very community driven. He was raised to consider more than just himself, to think about the community, and I’ve very proud of him and the choices he’s made.

‘As a mother I have compassion for the family and the loss of their child. It’s just tragic. I retired from educating so I could have easily had him as a student at one point.’

Mrs Oliver, who now runs a craft retreat providing lodging and studio space for artists, urged people to ‘withhold judgment at this point until everything is out.’

She added: ‘Other than that I really can’t say much.’ Edwards was at a house party with his brothers Vidal and Kevon and two friends in Balch Springs, 15 miles east of downtown Dallas, when gunshots suddenly rang out in the street at around 11pm.

The five boys fled to their car but were challenged by two officers who had turned up moments earlier to investigate reports of underage drinking.

According to the Edwards family attorney, Lee Merritt, the teens were driving away from the officers when Oliver opened fire with an AR-15 rifle, fatally wounding Jordan as he sat in the front passenger seat.

Balch Springs Police chief Jonathan Haber announced Tuesday that after reviewing bodycam video the car was indeed driving away from police rather than towards them as his force had insisted in the aftermath.

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