Farrah Abraham Says Dating Black Men Is a ‘Kardashian Thing’

Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom turned porn star, Farrah Abraham, doesn’t quite think before she speaks…as we all know. When asked by Allegedly podcast host, Matthew Cole Weiss, if she would ever date an African-American man she replied: 

I’m really not into black guys. I think that’s more of a Kardashian thing. God bless them. … I think there’s a lot of attractive black men.

Girl. Aren’t your 15 minutes up? Did you ever stop to think that black men don’t want you? It’s such a slap in the face for people to think of black men as a “Kardashian thing” when they are so much more than that. 

One thought on “Farrah Abraham Says Dating Black Men Is a ‘Kardashian Thing’

  1. That’s because no black with put up with you, and all that fakeness. She just open a can she should have not. She is just a dumb ass

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