Five Arrested at French Montana’s Video Shoot

As a tribute to the late rapper Chinx who was  killed in a shooting be on May 17th, rapper French Montana dedicated his music video to the slain rapper on Saturday May 30th.

The  taping of the video was rudely interrupted by five people including the onset bodyguard being arrested for gun and weapon charges.

According to the New York Daily News, 35-year-old security guard Frank Bartlett, 32-year-old Ronald James, his 27 year-old girlfriend Ebonee Eastmond, and Edward Elkins were arrested after neighbors reported to plainclothes police officers that guns and drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine were out in the open during French Montana’s video shoot in East New York.

Another woman, Wendy Mirandaq was also arrested after police found a .32-caliber revolver next to her. Bartlett was arrested due to a defaced gun on his waistband; James and Eastmond were also arrested on gun charges when the 32-year-old was seen passing a pistol to Eastmond. Elkins gun charge resulted after he was seen with a pistol in a shopping bag by his feet.

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