Former Mindless Behavior Member Roc Royal Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

Former Mindless Behavior member, Roc Royal, just got sentenced to 2 years in prison for battery and robbery. Royal, who now goes by the stage name Santo August, was kicked out of Mindless Behavior after a few run ins with the law. He was wanted for questioning for his involvement in a car theft in 2014, according to TMZ, but there’s no word on if that incident has anything to do with his recent sentencing. 

We’ve obtained copies of his police records below. 

Santo August

Santo august

It is sad to see someone with such a promising future, end up in jail.

23 thoughts on “Former Mindless Behavior Member Roc Royal Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

  1. In about 2-3 years MB will be extinct. I knew it ever since Prod left and the let a NEWBIE be the lead instead of having Roc, Ray, or Prince be lead and having the Newbie fill in. Then Ray left. Then Roc goes to jail. He’s not even an adult. He’s still a teenager. 18 years old. Now Mindless Behavior is just a trio that’s singing about girls, sex, drugs, and Ciroc. I miss the old MB.

    1. They don’t sing about drugs or Ciroc you need to listen to there music and if they did they are grown they have to grow up so listen to the new mb there’s nothing about drugs or liquor in their lyrics

    2. Wow I wouldn’t do that maybe when he gets out of jail u can try to put your life back together and have a reunion with your former bandmates and put some new music out for the public and maybe be mindless behavior’s opening act

  2. I miss the old MB i was in love with all of them but y would he go to jail he has a big future ahead of him he could do what he wants but i hope he changes once he gets out of jail.

  3. I miss the old Mb they were litt but y would he go to jail he has a big future ahead of him he can be what he wants and he chooses to do bad things i hope once he gets out of jail his act changes.

  4. It´s real crazy peoples famous popstar ends up in jail some people look up to Santo (like me) and his son Royal. I just hope his son don´t end up doing something so stupid like him (not calling him stupid) I´m just saying it´s ridiculous. Some kids follow behind their parents foot steps that is why i won´t let my boyfriend come around my child Anastazia

  5. i don’t like tha fact that Roc is in jail,just throwing all he had away,did he really have to go to crime,n sincerely mb couldn’t have broken up,that would be the best boy band as we speak,i miss the old mb,souch 😥😥😥

  6. I mean I really can’t believe my boy ended up with a bad future like this he was always good everyone saw him as an 8yr old rapper. So Im really upset this happen.

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