Georgia Sheriff Arrested For Exposing Himself At Atlanta Park, Running Away From Bike Cop

A top member of Georgia’s law enforcement is under serious fire for exposing himself at an Atlanta Park this past Saturday.

DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann now faces public indecency and obstruction charges. Police confronted Mann in Piedmont Park regarding an incident report, accusing him of exposing his genitals while walking toward an officer, not realizing that he was hiding behind a tree. When Mann approached the tree, the hidden officer began to shine his flashlight at the surprised cop. He later identified himself as a member of law enforcement, according to police.

When he was later confronted by a bike cop, he suddenly bolted in an attempt to escape. Mann was fleeing, running into oncoming traffic south of the park alongside 10th st. At one point, he stopped to tie his shoes but later took it off again as an approaching officer began to catch up.

He soon gave up and was detained. While in custody, Mann requested that the arresting officer retrieve his identification from his car, and for his supervisor to be contacted. Mann, who oversees law enforcement in the state’s fourth-largest county, said he intends to clear his name, according to WSB-TV.

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