‘Get Out’ Grosses Over $75 Million from a $4.5 Million Initial Budget

The hilarious comedian, Jordan Peele, surprises us with his socially-conscious horror film. The real gag is that he only had a $4.5 million budget, but has now grossed over $75 million. That’s around a 60% profit. Go, Jordan!

‘Get Out’ is primarily a horror film about a terrified black man trapped alone among possibly murderous racists, and it lands repeated bullseyes on white liberal hypocrisy.

The premise follows an African-American photographer named Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), who joins his white girlfriend Rose Armitage (Allison Williams) on a visit to “meet the parents.” Upon arriving, Chris meets Rose’s eccentric folks, neurosurgeon father Dean (Bradley Whitford) and therapist mother Missy (Catherine Keener), who claim to be open-minded despite off-color jokes. The longer Chris is there, the more he realizes something isn’t right at the secluded family estate.

Originally written during the early years of the Obama administration, Peele claims he was inspired by idealistic progressives who claimed that we live in a “post-racial America.” After taking years to reach the screen, “Get Out” is more timely hitting theaters in 2017, as racial and political divisions have only grown, revealing the underlying tensions that Peele saw beneath the surface all along.


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